Friday, July 18, 2008

How relevant is Dancesport.

So how relevant is Dancesport? Someone said that in the Laos SEA Games there will be no Dancesport event. I heard that too from OCM, but I was also told by my Thai Counter part that they are prepared to help Laos stage a Dancesport competition for the Laos SEA Games. This is confirmed by ADSF President Keiji Ukai.

Laos does not have a dancesport team , but we shall keep our fingers crossed. Vietnam that will be hosting the Hanoi, 3rd Asian Indoor Games in 2009 tells a different story altogether. They have a team training in Belgium and they are determined in the face of powerful teams from Asia hope to win some medals for Vietnam. It is going to be a good showing and honestly having been to the 2nd Macau, Asian Indoor Games and the Korat SEA Games in Thailand, I am sure the athletes from Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 will confirm that the Macau Games wins hands down.

From the web pages of the Olympic Council of Asia, I can assure you Dancesport will be relevant till 2014 and perhaps even further. With the introduction of Dancesport in the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, I am quite sure that Dancesport will be a permanent feature in the next Asian Games in Incheon in 2014, Korea.

After Laos SEA Games in 2009, the SEA Games will go to Bandung Indonesia in 2011 and thereafter in 2013 to Singapore. It will eventually land on our doors soon.

After the 23rd and the 25th SEA Games and the Asian Indoor Games, we have seen two distinct features in the competition format at the finals. The final couples in both Latin American and Standard will have to perform two single dance and for Paso Doble' only , the couples are allowed a change of costume to portray the essence of the Bull Fighter dance.

To all Malaysian Grade A Dancesport athletes, the National selection is on for the 2009 Games. Please be rest assured that in the National ranking, your reputation means nothing to the judges. There is no wild card entry to Team Dancesport Malaysia. Everyone who goes on the dance floor have an equal chance to be selected, you do not have to think if you can dance. You most certainly can dance if you are in Grade A.

Do not miss the National ranking, Malaysia is looking for its best athletes to join Team Dancesport Malaysia 2009. The selection is open only to all Malaysian citizen.


danswer said...

Skydancer, the information on the various competitions is really mouthwatering for the Dancesport community especially the Grade A dancers. There are more.

Perhaps, you may like to check out more on these two big games that have Dancesport in its competition list. Hope you can furnish more information and confirm whether Dancesport is on.

1. In 2009, the 8th World Games will be held in Kaoshiung, Korea.

2. In 2010, the inaugural Youth Olympic Games will be held in Singapore.

My reckoning is that Dancesport should be on.

Over to you, Skydancer.

Sky Dancer said...

Danswer, Are you sure Kaoshung is in Korea, I was under the impression that it is in Chinese Taipei. Will there be dancesport in the Youth Olympic Games? I understand that Singapore spend something like USD 1 million to prepare the papers to pitch for the games, they even got foreign consultants. Malaysia also spend quite a large sun of money, I think like RM 200K. Well better lucj next time. But what I was told, dancesport is not one of the sport in the YOC.

Sky Dancer said...

I belive Dancesport is in the world games.

guo said...

hi,Danswer, I was googling some information about dance sport n' I found your blog article. Just wondering if you know anything about the competition format of dance sport? Thnx.