Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Hong Kong Grand Slam 11/12 May 2013

This report is not about the Grand Slam in Hong Kong that was held on the 12 th and 13th of May 2013. However this report is about one of our Malaysian couple that took part in the Grand Slam but more important their performance at the Asia Closed Latin event held on the 12th of May 2013. The couple I am referring to is Malaysia top Latin American couple Chua Zjen Fong & Evon Chong.Both Chua and Evon have different dancing back ground, Chua was a Wushu exponent who trade his sword and stick for the dance artistry and music of Latin American dances. Evon as I recall have always been a serious and dedicated dancer. A couple of years ago both Chua and Evon decided to leave Malaysia and enrolled in a top dance school in China to hone their skills in Guangzhou. They learned under many international European coaches and top Chinese coaches. Today they have a studio of their own and have a strong following where they freely share their knowledge with their students. If you have the skill and ready to learn the finer points of Latin dancing , they are more than prepared to impart their knowledge to you. Latin Dancing is not static , one have to keep up with the latest trend and Chua and Evon still keep in touch  by taking lessons from any good coaches that comes their way.  So what is so great for me to Blog on this couple apart from the fact that they are the top Latin couple in Malaysia? The answer is their performance recently at the Asia Closed Latin.  In Asia the power house in Latin American are China , South Korea and Japan. In this event 10 Asian countries took part with 27 couples in contention. Chua and Evon not only made it to the finals but came out 4th place. Never in the history of Malaysian Dancesport has any couple ever made it to the finals and he miss just 1 place to win a medal. We have sceptics that says perhaps the judges may not be that fair , but let me tell you this the judges that marked this event are the Grand slam judges and they are from Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong , Netherlands , Russia , South Korea , Thailand , China and Malaysia. To Chua and Evon Malaysia acknowledge your achievement and MYDF congratulate you for your sterling performance.
           Below are Chua and Evon with their students who did fairly well in the Latin American event.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ayam Beg!

Hello everyone , this Blog just went dead since 2012 , I had some medical problems regarding my eyes and I am now so much better.
There are some interesting news that has been circulating in town lately regarding OCM, Apparently sometimes in June OCM is going to have their Annual General meeting and and an insider told me that they expect to see some changes in their line up. Whatever I think it is time those who has reached their expired shelf life should step down and allow new people to take over .
This is also to inform you that MYDF is still not a member of OCM because according to OCM , MDSB is already their member.Well we cannot deal with that issue too much , we shall leave it to the new Sports Commissioner to tackle this issue.
.I am sorry for the long hiatus and I was gently reminded that my Blog is gathering cob web, there are interesting features in Blogger that I intend to learn and hope to bring more short interesting news to you soon. Apologies , I am much better now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Malaysia Dancesport Challenge Trophy 2012 -2013

Left - Latin American Challenge trophy                             Right- Standard Challenge trophy.   

The search for the best Malaysian Dancesport athletes to represent the country kicked off on the 9th of June 2012 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. THE MYDF Executive committee decided to hold 5 Malaysia Championships, and the couple that wins the most Championships out of the 5 will get to keep the trophy permanently.
MYDF is a sport body and to those who are not aware we are registered with the Sports Commissioner under the Sports Development Act. We are also affiliated to the National Sports Council and the National Sports Institute.
Dancesport or Ballroom dancing has been around the Malaysian social scene for a long time. It is not wrong to say that this started off as a social avocation when the British ruled Malaya for a short period of time. It was in the year 2000, Dancesport was introduced to the International Olympic Committee ( IOC). Juan Antonio Samaranch the Olympic boss saw the potential of Dancesport that he admitted Dancesport to join the Olympic family. Now take note, it is not an Olympic Game yet but being in the Olympic family, the sport grew to be a medal event in related family Olympic games like the East Asian Games , the Asian Indoor Games , the Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games; Asian Games and locally in South East Asia , it was a medal event at the 2005 SEA Games in Cebu Philippines and the 2007 Korat SEA Games in Thailand.
Tasked to carry out the promotion of Dancesport is the International Dancesport Federation ( IDSF) and IDSF is accepted as an international Federation governing Dancesport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). With this impetus Dancesport grew with many countries in the world applying for member ship with their National Olympic Council.
With IDSF being the only body governing Dancesport many other dance discipline applied to join IDSF. On the advice of the IOC , in the year 2010, IDSF changed their name to the World Dancesport Federation. The purpose is to be all inclusive of other dance discipline like the Wheel Chair Dancesport, Rock & Roll. Western and Country line Dance and many more. Each of these discipline with the help of WDSF formulate their own rules under the umbrella of WDSF.
Coming back to Malaysia the National Sports Association( NSA) governing Dancesport is Malaysia Dancesport Association (MYDF). We approached Dancesport as a Sport and by that we have our set of rules regulations and protocols as laid down by WDSF. As a member of WADA, enhancing drug to boost performance is a major sin and athletes caught using banned substance will be disciplined. This has happened before and all you need is go to WDSF website at
To parents who would like their children to partake in Dancesport, examine your priorities first. Ask yourself whether you would like your children to approach dancesport as a fun time , social skills activity for your child rather than a sport. If indeed that is your aim there are many dance school you can go to.
However if you are approaching it as a sport, you are well advised to send your children to MYDF accredited dance school. We do not have a certification of Dance school but speak to them of your intentions that you are interested to bring your children to participate Dance as a sport.
MYDF believe that sporting principles  such as fair play , honesty, integrity are important values in inculcating the young minds to be future dancesport athletes.
You may not believe it , the coveted Challenge trophy in the previous Championship was not returned to MYDF for the next Championship. That couple love the trophy so much that they think winning a championship give them the right to keep the trophy. Now to MYDF this is dishonest and unsporting conduct. Obviously they are uneducated and does not understand the meaning of challenge trophy. These dancers are what MYDF do not want, they are a bad example to the young athletes and a poor mentor to the up and coming.
The two (2) challenge trophies you see are for the Latin American and the Standard category of Dancesport for this 2012 - 2013 season.                         

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Evidence (Amendment) (No.2) Act 2012

Dear all,

In the light of the new amendments of the Evidence Act 2012 , it will affect all Bloggers and internet users. The Law basically state that if you were to post on the Blog defamatory of say Mr. A, I the Blog owner is responsible for the postiong although it is your views. If you were to post something defamatory on your friend's iPhone or iPad , the owner of the iPad is responsible for such posting although the owner of the iPad is not the maker of the Statement.
As such I will have to verify your posting and it will not be an open posting. I am sorry I am always in support of freedom of speech and expression within limits.    

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is to inform you that the Singapore Ballroom Dance Teachers Association ( SBDTA) recently had their annual general meeting, and a new President was elected. Ms. Josephine Tan of John and Josephine Dance Creative have taken the reigns from the Low family.
The SBDTA is one on the older dance association in Singapore and started in 1980 by Mr. Sunny Low , the reign was then passed over to Ms Alena Tan the spouse of Sunny Low. The Association has been under the control of the Low Family for almost 32 years until now.
We in MYDF would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Ms. Josephine Tan nee. Liew and we do hope you can bring SBDTA to a new direction in Singapore.
A little information that I am able to extract about Josephine and her husband John Tan. Both of them has been dancing for more than 20 years.
They turn professional in 1995 and they have their own Dance Studio of John and Josephine Dance Creative. Through their dancing they have contributed to many charitable organizations. At the turn of the Millennium they started The Singapore Millennium International Dancesport Championships and since then it has been an annual event. Mr. John Tan is an active member of WDSF and is a licensed International WDSF adjudicator.                  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games 2013

The 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2013 will be held in Incheon, South Korea from the 29th June till 6th July 2013. The picture you see is the mascot for the the AIMAG and also the 17th Asian Games in 2014 that will be held in Seoul. The mascot are harbour seals that are found near an Island in the Korean Peninsular. Their names are Vichoun (light), Barame (Wind) and Chumuro (Light).
Dancesport will be featured in this AIMAG 2013 but not in the 17th Asian Games.
Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF) is the National Sports Association (NSA) representing Dancesport in Malaysia. We are accepted because we are recognised by WDSF the International Federation representing Dancesport. This AIMAG is organised under the auspice of the Olympic Council of Asia ( OCA). 2009/2010 was the turbulent years for MYDF. We started of as Malaysian Professional Dancesport Council (MPDC), our role is limited to professionals event only. We were than asked by IDSF (as it was called then) to handle the amateur. The reason being, Dancesport being in the Olympic Family Games and the World Games; are not concern over the status of amateur or professional. We made an application to change the name of our body to truly reflect our status. It caused such a ruckus that we were not allowed to change our name by the Sports Commissioner office and they wanted proof that the International Federation ( IF) had in fact combined the amateur and professional together. This happened in Vienna in 2009 and like they say the rest is history.
Since then we were only provisional member of WDSF and we have remained so for the last 3 years. We are happy to announce that this year we are admitted as a full member of WDSF and also ADSF.
As the NSA for Dancesport we applied to join OCM in 2009, unfortunately our application was turned down for various reasons which is not important. Now that MYDF is registered with the Sports Commissioner's office and a full member of WDSF and ADSF. We will attempt to register our body as an Associate member of OCM. We do hope this time our application will be considered and hopefully we can send a full team for the AIMAG 2013 based on our selection.
We are also happy to announce that under MYDF there are 7 State body registered with the Sports Commissioners office. They are from Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Sarawak, Melaka, Johore and Pahang. Pending registration now are Negri Sembilan, Perak, Pulau Pinang and Kedah. There are no applications from Kelantan and Trengganu.
For the year 2012/2013 MYDF will be holding 5 National Championships. A challenge trophy will be presented to the overall winner. Speaking of Challenge trophy it is regrettable and shameful that in the previous Championship a couple after coming out 1st in a competition claims the trophy for themselves and refused to return the same. It is such unsportsmanship behaviour that MYDF deplores and we are confident that such incident will not happen again.                                                          

Monday, December 26, 2011

MYDF Final Ranking Championships 2010/2011

The Malaysian Dancesport Federation (MYDF) had their final Grade A ranking in Muar on the 23rd of December 2011. It was a happy event and the results to determine Malaysia Best Dancesport athletes for the Grade A Latin American and Standard will be decided at this final competition.
The 2 Grade A trophies are as appearing in the picture on the Left. The one on the left is the Standard and the one on the right is the the Latin American. Both the trophies were donated by the then Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports  Dato Wee Jeck Seng who personally donated his own personal funds to the then MPDC, now MYDF. MYDF came about 2 years ago when we were asked to change the name to reflect that the organisation will be managing both the Professional and Amateur event in Dancesport.
The Latin American section of the ranking series encountered some minor problems to some, but to MYDF , it is a serious breach of misconduct. It short the 1st Winner refused to return the Challenge Trophy to be given at the 2nd Malaysian Dancesport Federation Ranking to the Winner. I shall not go into the reasons but whatever reasons it may be, they do not understand the meaning of challenge trophy but decided to keep it as their own.
Be that as it may this incident serves as a lessons to all our MYDF dancesport athletes. Certainly it is nice to win and better still if you can be crowned the Champion and lift the Challenge trophy to acknowledge your ability. A challenge trophy means exactly that, you do not keep it permanently unless you are able to prove your worth by defending your Championship status in three championship.
As sportsmen we in MYDF expect a degree of honesty and integrity in our athletes, we do not want dishonest sportsmen in our organisation. What is the point of keeping the trophy when you live under a delusion that you are the best in Malaysia when in fact you cover you head in shame in keeping something that you ill deserve. It is not only shameful it is just plain dishonest. MYDF may be able to forgive such behavior but we will NOT FORGET.
The true champion in this season Championship is Chua Czen Fong and Evon Chong. They won two out of the three (3) Competitions. As Sports Director I regret and I apologise to this couple that we were not able to pass the challenge trophy to them at the 2nd Championship. However as a responsible organisation MYDF have to honour the contribution by the then Deputy Sports Minister YB Dato Wee Jeck Seng in getting another Latin American Challenge trophy done up.
As the National Sports Association (NSA) for Dancesport we are glad and proud to have such sporting couple to be a Champion. They are going to be the mentor to the younger couples in dancesport and I have spoken to Czen Fong on the values of good sportsmanship, honesty and integrity as a top athlete in Dancesport in Malaysia.
Czen Fong and Evon has dedicated their life in Dancesport, so dedicated are they that they left the shores of Malaysia to register themselves in a dance school in China that specialises in training Dancesport athletes. Their passion in dance and their dedication can be seen by their perseverance. Their results in the Asia Pacific competition are testimony for all to see.
What is store for our top couple? Well certainly they will represent Malaysia in all games that have dancesport and hopefully they can represent the country at the World Games and other Olympic Family Games.
Congratulation to both Czen Fong and Evon and again MYDF wish you well and personally as Sports Director I am very proud of your achievement . Yes Chua , you did ask me whether you can keep the trophy. I reconfirm that you can keep the trophy permanently for you are the over all Champion for the 2010/2011 Latin American Grade A Dancesport.
Look out for 2012/ 2013 I see many lean and hungry looks who are all out to not let you have an easy season. May the better couple wins.